Readers' Perspectives
Taking over the city
Kelly Chastain could have been a good mayor had she stayed away from the two men that are trying to take over the city. The very citizens that are calling themselves persons who are trying to stop the recall are the very ones that are bringing developers to build the Super Block for big homes and other buildings that are supposed to bring in millions.

The Mayor of Fontana, Mark Nuaimi, is so eager to build the “big hole” and if you look closely the developers are working for him. Who do you think is going to get the millions?

We the citizens of Colton are trying to get people to understand that all the signs that are out for Kelly are paid for by outside monies. The City Manager, Daryl Parrish, cannot do his job, so he hired Mark Nuaimi, so Mark can guide the Mayor, who has no leadership experience.

The corruption is what is leading the Mayor in her efforts to keep her job along with the City Manager’s.

Fred Cordova

Making it crystal clear
My primary reason for running for a seat on the city council is that I believe the city needs a fresh outlook at the issues facing it. I will bring creative ideas and 40 years of qualifications and experience.

As a 30-year resident, I have watched changes take place in Loma Linda. Most of these have been positive. But for the past several years, growth has happened too quickly. Our parking and traffic problems have also grown without solutions. In order for Loma Linda to remain vibrant, growth must be managed smartly. Together, the voters and city leaders can make Loma Linda a better place to live.

My campaign is free from making false or disparaging attacks against other candidates. However, members of the Save Loma Linda group and Rigsby/ Brauer/Popescu coalition have attacked me with libelous statements and slanderous phone messages. They have falsely implied that developers are my biggest supporters, and are paying lots of money to get me elected, so they can replace citrus groves with over 900 high density housing units.

Let me make it crystal clear. My campaign has not received a single penny from, nor is supported by any past, current, or future developers or political coalitions. I have a committee of nine individuals who are my advisors, literature distributors, sounding board, and sign placers. My financial support comes only from “grass root” individuals. My largest contribution is $150 and lowest $50. I am the only INDEPENDENT candidate for a seat on the City Council of Loma Linda. If elected, I will only answer to the residents of Loma Linda.

Visit my website to learn more at

Lem Leialoha
Candidate for Loma Linda City Council

Rialto Unifed School District may not meet its financial obligations
The Rialto Unified School District employs the highest paid superintendent in the Inland Empire and an extremely heavy administrative staff. The burden of heavy administrative salaries should not be placed on the backs of our children. This money would be better served towards our children’s future in academic success.

In a staff report issued by Dr. Herb Fisher, the County Superintendent of Schools, on May 5, 2008, Fisher declared the Rialto Unified School District “may not meet its financial obligations for the current fiscal year and subsequent two fiscal years.” The findings represent a significant drop in fiscal stability for the school district after an extensive audit was completed by the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools.

I am shocked at the obvious mismanagement of finances and planning demonstrated by the Rialto Unified School Board and administration. I had been concerned about the financial stability of the Rialto Unified School District for some time, given the unfathomable weight of the administrative salaries, but I was hoping that they were, at the very least, meeting their financial "obligations."

This drop in fiscal health has long been developing and now it is complicated by State budget cuts. Rialto schools are suffering because of flagrant mismanagement, and now our teachers’ job security is jeopardized by the district’s mismanagement and the state budget crisis. What angers me the most is the fact that our children are the ultimate losers.

Rialto Unified School District has declared to lay-off up to 200 teachers and counselors, but with teacher and counselor attrition and unfilled positions, it is my belief that it could be up to 400 teachers and counselors. Teacher cuts mean larger class sizes, a heavier load on remaining teachers, and a diminished opportunity for our children to develop. This situation borders on being immoral and criminal.

Gil Navarro
SB County School Board Member